Why would you go anywhere else? when we have it all "under one roof".

As one of the leading independent providers of gas turbine overhaul & repair services.  With a dedicated Gas Turbine facility, we specialise in core engine overhaul, engineering and installation, maintenance, operation and the servicing of gas turbines and their associated equipment.
Turbine Efficiency offers a complete service when it comes to engine overhauls & modifications. Specialising in the SGT-100 (Typhoon), SGT-200 (Tornado), SGT-300 (Tempest), TA and TB gas turbines.

We also offer DLE Combustion system retrofit or upgrade, giving you emissions compliance.

Whatever your business needs, Turbine Efficiency will ensure your requirements are met.  With personnel to support you wherever the location, and with over 300 years of OEM experience, this makes our independent services and solutions the best there is to offer on the market.