Training Courses

Training Courses for all levels and abilities

We can deliver a wide range of Training Courses for all levels and abilities with the availability to be tailored to your individual needs, including:

  • Operator Level – Our operator level training course will teach plant operators everything that they need to know about the SCADA. (supervisory control and data acquisition) The course also covers off how to interpret the live and historical data.
  • Engineer Level – The engineer level training course is an advanced course that will give engineers an insight into the core design of the control system. The engineers will also get full training on the hardware and software within the system.
  • Turbine Appreciation – The course educates owners, operators and handlers on the importance of their daily procedures. It also teaches how introducing certain elements can ensure optimum operation of their turbine(s).  Read more.

We can also offer…
On-site at your facilities

We also deliver training courses by our experienced and qualified staff on-site at your facilities. This solution will provide your operators with a greater depth of knowledge and understanding regarding running and maintaining your turbine. The training programme will be specifically developed in relation to your site and systems so that we can ensure that the content will be relevant to all your operators.

If you know of anyone within your company or in the wider industry that you feel would benefit from our Gas Turbine Appreciation Course at your facility or at ours, please submit details. Email or call +44 (0) 1522 696980