In-House Testing Facility

A complete Testing Facility service for the SGT-100 and SGT-200 engines

At Turbine Efficiency we can offer a complete Testing Facility service for our customers with two in-house test cells. Customers are welcome to come and witness real-time tests for their own engine and see first-hand how the engine is performing after an overhaul or repair. The test provides reassurance that the engine has been operationally signed off prior to site installation.

Supported engines:

  • SGT-100 (Typhoon)
  • SGT-200 (Tornado)

Test Options:

  • Full Speed, No Load – this consists of running the engine to full speed, no load to record. Full casing leak checks are performed.
  • Full Speed, Full Load – this test allows the engine to be run up to full operating temperatures. This ‘stress test’ will show the full pressures on the engine’s components and their integrity. Performance will be measured on: speed, bearing temperatures, deviations and vibration levels. Full casing leak checks are also performed. Note: only diesel fuel will be used.