With over 70 years’ experience in component repair & coating

Turbine Efficiency has over 70 years’ experience in component repair & coating.

Using our TEL range of coatings, we can offer aluminium filled ceramic in an inorganic binder and also a slurry applied diffusion aluminide for hot section components ensuring that the part can endure the extreme temperatures and environments that exist in stationary industrial gas turbines.

Breaking New Ground CFIPAL Chrome Free Diffusion Coating

Launch Date Coming Soon

Continued development with our supplier, Indestructible Paints on CFIPAL, formerly known as CIPDIFF is well underway, with great success.  This Chrome Free diffusion coating for hot section components, is closer to an introduction to our main fleet coating.

John Bourke, Global Sales Manager of Indestructible Paints, said "that with better control over the process, and replicating the technical performance of products containing chrome, while accommodating REACH requirements has been a challenging process.  However, we are ready for another trail test at Turbine efficiency in-house spray booth "

Paul Holder, Head of coatings & repairs at Turbine Efficiency is eager for another test, with the hopes of a real-world engine test early 2018.  With the sunset date approaching, both companies are keen to introduce Chrome Free Diffusion to all their customers.   

Turbine Efficiency & Indestructible Paints working together in the TE laboratory

This partnership will fast track the development of these eagerly awaited products into the market place, allowing our customers to be the first to use this innovative, and soon to be compulsory product.

John Bourke, Indestructible Paints Global Sales Manager & Paul Holder, Turbine Efficiency Head of Coatings & Repair 

Turbine Efficiency "GWS" Upgrade 

Extend the life of your turbine with our expert repair & rejuvenation processes.

Turbine Efficiency offers a comprehensive range of high-performance technologies that will improve blade efficiency and reduce the fouling rate of your compressor, with an expected overall efficiency improvement of 2/3%.  This remarkable improvement, combined with HEPA filtration will reduce OR remove the need of compressor washing.  Click here to read the full article 

Turbine Efficiency is proud to introduce the next level of compressor coating.



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