Minimise downtime with our Package Life extension solutions

The lifespan and safe running of your turbine is extremely important to us at Turbine Efficiency.


We are committed to bring you the most up-to-date maintenance, repair and rejuvenation solutions. We stock a vast range of consumable and capital spare parts in order to get you up and running in the best possible time. Our work is governed by ISO standards and covered by our 24 month warranty.

Our repair solutions not only extend the life of your engine core, combustion systems, rotors and blades. But also extend the life of your entire power solution. The use of advanced thermal barrier coatings, crack detection, metallurgical rejuvenation techniques and non-destructive testing are fully guaranteed to run resourcefully as new.

Replacing elderly installations can be difficult and costly. So why not speak to us and see how we can work with you to extend the life of your turbine package and increase efficiency.

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