Controls Solution for the SGT Gas Turbine Range

Turbine Efficiency Controls offers a complete spectrum of services and equipment to support the global market for small industrial gas turbines.


We can support obsolete systems & Ruston legacy products, bringing your outdated control system units up-to-date. With a team of highly skilled instrumentation and control engineers and technicians, we ensure a fast and efficient service, minimising plant downtime.

Turbine Efficiency Support for Rustronic MK2 control Systems

Whilst TEL would recommend updating the obsolescent Rustronic MK2 Turbine control systems to a more modern platform, such as the TEL control rack replacement, we understand that some customers may wish to continue using these systems for financial or operational reasons. Turbine Efficiency can offer a wide range of services to enable the continued operation of these systems. We hold a large inventory of components including I/O cards and processor modules, many of these items are NOS (New Old Stock) with the OEM paperwork, others are ex-service parts that we can refurbish and test. Our Engineers and Field Techs have years of experience in supporting these installations, this means we can offer a rapid response to any problems you may encounter. This backed up by our spares holding means you never need to incur extended downtime due to a breakdown.

Turbine Efficiency provides the following services

  • Rustronic MK2 replacement cards, card testing, and repair
  • Rustronic MK2 replacement chassis
  • Rustronic MK2 Colour monitors, repair and exchange
  • On-site fault finding and repair
  • Scheduled servicing
  • Software modifications and upgrades
  • Replacement HMI PC and software
  • Ancillary items such as Fuel valve actuator electronics
  • Replacement modules for HOW Fire and Gas R3 systems
  • Replacement modules for Rustronic / CML vibration systems



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