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Top-quality used engines for sale or lease, we can supply SGT-100 (Typhoon), SGT-200 (Tornado) SGT-200 DLE, TA and TB gas turbines.

While your turbine goes through its planned maintenance, the last thing you want is a long outage period, why not insure yourself with your own spare engine. 

Here at Turbine Efficiency we can reduce the hassle and diminish delays by offering you a loan engine from our fleet of various engines & supporting equipment. 

SGT-100 Tornado®

Single Shaft 
Current Location: Lincoln UK

Availability: TBC
Current Condition: 8,000 hour minimum or 24,000 hours available on request
Available Ratings:
Single Shaft 3.9, 4.1, 4.5, 4.9, 5.25 MWe
Available Fuels:
Fuel: Gas only, Dual Fuel, Gas only DLE & Dual Fuel DLE


SGT- 400 Cyclone®
Gas Generator, PT and or Package
Competitively Priced and Immediately Available

Click here for more information on the Gas Generator

Click here for more information on the Power Turbine 

Quantity: 1
Current Location: Lincoln, UK Workshop
Availability: Ex-works
Available Ratings: 50Hz

SGT-200 Tornado® 

Competitively Priced and Available in 2 – 4 weeks
SGT-200 Tornado® Gas DLE Gas Generator
Quantity: 1
Current Location: Lincoln, UK Workshop
Availability: Ex-works
Current Condition: Overhauled
Available Ratings: 6.75MW(e) – 7.45MW
Available Fuel: DLE



SGT300 AC Generator 50hZ

Duct ventilated & Air cooled

Quantity: 1
Current Location: Lincoln, UK
Availability: Ex-works
Current Condition: Serviced

SGT300 / Tempest Gas Turbine Main Drive Gearbox

Manufactured by Allen Gears 1999. Siemens/Alstom specification 64/62001274/300, Serial number 21026_008.

Compound Star epicyclic speed reduction gearbox suitable for transmitting 10,000kW.

Input speed 14045rpm

Output speed 1500rpm

Est wt 4530Kg.

Complete with high speed input shaft and turbine rotor coupling.

Will be supplied with a gear inspection report and overhauled auxiliary drives (oil pump and clutch).

Main oil pump is also available.


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