Rustronic Mk2 Retrofits with our Control System Upgrades

We can bring your outdated control system units up-to-date with our Control System Upgrades. A team of highly skilled instrumentation and controls technicians will replace the hardware and software with the latest PLC based control systems.


The new system will comprise of a PLC, PC based Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system. Including touchscreen, new panel terminations and industry recognised standards tripping circuits. With the options of a new panel with the same footprint and cable entries as the original or built on gear plates that will fit directly into the existing panel. Either way, ensuring the upgrade is carried out in a fast and efficient manner, minimising plant downtime.

We can also provide any number of remote SCADA displays, to meet with your needs and requirements. From a single SCADA display to a server-based SCADA system to provide multiple remote displays.

Click on the image for more information on the Rustronic MkII Controller Upgrade and find out how we can offer a new combined solution for turbine control.  It can replace Ruston gas turbine obsolete 'Rustronic MkII' control cards, this is intended to be a quick turnaround upgrade solution, that is designed to replace only the MkII controller with a new Allen Bradley PLC system.

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