Gas Turbine Applications

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Gas Turbine Applications 
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Complete Overhauls

GTA provide a competitively priced overhaul of all Solar®, Saturn & Centaur products.  Each turbine is disassembled, cleaned, inspected, repaired, balanced and assembled to the highest quality standards.

  • Saturn gas producers, power turbines & accessory drives
  • Centaur gas producers, power turbines & accessory drives


Gas Compressor overhauls for all Solar product models are also available.

  • C-160
  • C-284
  • C-165
  • C-304
  • C-167
  • C-306
  • C-168


Accessory & Component Repairs

All package related accessories can be repaired either in our shop or at one of our vendors

  • Accessory Drives
  • Starters
  • Governors
  • Lube Oil Pump
  • Control Monitors
  • Actuators
  • Gear Boxes

Most overhaul and repair operations are performed in- house on our machines to high quality standards.

  • Lathe Work
  • Mill Work
  • Hell-Arc Welding
  • Balancing
  • Flow Benches
  • Electronic Testing

Full Performance Testing

All overhauled turbines are full load tested in our modern test facilities.  Complete performance test certificates are provided for each turbine.  Testing can be done on the actual service fuel.

  • Saturn Sleeve Bearing 2-shaft
  • Left-hand or right-hand rotation
  • Saturn Sleeve Bearing 1-shaft
  • Natural gas
  • Centaur 2-shaft hot-end drive


  • Centaur 1-shaft cold-end drive


Spare Parts & Field Service

A complete Inventory of service spare parts is available for shipment anywhere in the world 24 hours a day.

GTA will pick up and deliver major components with our own trucks to help ou avoid down time delays.  The service trucks are fully equipped with all necessary tools for service and test equipment for trouble calls.  Our service personnel will do the work you request and assist your personnel with training if desired.

Complete Package Refurbishments

GTA will completely refurbish your used equipment or locate equipment for refurbishment and resale.  All product improvements are incorporated in to each refurbishment where possible and custom modifications to meet special applications can be added.  Control modifications from the relay logic to programmable controller is an option. 

Field modification or retrofit of some product improvements is available and can be quoted upon request.


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