Customer Witnessed Performance Test SGT-200 1S 6.75MW Dual-Fuel DLE

In late January 2021, Turbine Efficiency Ltd. successfully completed a Customer Witnessed FSFL (Full Speed Full Load) gas turbine Level 2 performance test of an SGT-200 1S 6.75MW Dual-Fuel DLE Industrial Gas Turbine for a European Customer.  The Gas Generator had recently undergone a full overhaul within our Lincoln, UK facility.  Due to Covid-19 restrictions, our Customer viewed the complete test remotely from their office using TEL’s Virtual Testing capabilities. To meet our customer’s specific requirements, the SGT-200 DLE was operated on liquid fuel up to full load of 6.75MWe using Electrical Load Banks to establish that loaded power output, vibration, and temperatures all achieved our strict pass-off limits. Testing also included hot and cold starts and stepped application and shedding of load.

Our Lincoln Facility Test Cell has undergone several upgrades to enable us to complete an L2 test on an SGT-200 Uprate rated GG configured with DLE combustion.  Specific upgrades include; the fuel supply system was modified, a fuel purging system was added to facilitate control of the upgraded fuel system and enable safe operation of the gas generator, power turbine, and test cell. 

We also took this opportunity to replace the Hydraulic Starter system with a new VSD (Variable Speed Drive) electric starter motor.  The VSD system was installed to prove the retrofit concept prior to the market launch of this alternative start system.  In addition to this, we also installed the TEL proven Alan Bradley® DLE controls system upgrade. 

As a truly Independent Service Provider,  this solution was engineered, developed, and delivered internally using TEL resources.  Our Customers trust the competency of TEL’s engineering and workshop engineers to provide them with individual focussed solutions.   This in turn delivered an engineered and proven cost-effective alternative to the OEM and OEM supported JVs.