Rotor Balancing Service

Here at Turbine Efficiency Group, one of the many services we pride ourselves on is our Rotor Balancing Service at our Lincoln, UK facility. We can offer you a same-day turnaround service for dynamically balancing all rotors up to 1400kg, TEG is the perfect partner to balance your TA, TB, and SGT-100, 200, 300 & 400 Compressor Rotors, as well as TA, TB SGT-200 and 400 Power Turbines, all overhauled rotors are Oversped to 115% to ensure dynamic stability.

Whether it is an occasional one-off need, or you’re a TEG customer, our knowledgeable and experienced team is readily available to provide you with a high quality of service as usual.

Illustrated below is an uprated SGT-100 (Typhoon) compressor, which is being balanced for a Canadian Customer.


We also offer a specialist collection and delivery services for all machines that we service. Whether it be a one-off prototype or batch and production work, the machine can offer:
* Belt drive or end drive
* Balancing to BS 6861, ISO1940 or customer derived values
* Static or dynamic balancing
* Distances bearing pedestal centres of between 300mm and 2600mm