TEG Gets Overhaul, Leasing Contract In Europe

Turbine Efficiency Group (TEG), an independent service provider for Siemens and Solar small gas turbine overhaul and repair services, announced that it has been awarded a “significant” contract to provide overhaul and leasing of SGT-100 1S gas turbines for one of its existing customers, a major multinational company in Europe.

Graham McKirdy, TE Group sales director, called the deal “a truly groundbreaking achievement by the team in TEG working closely with our partner.”

“We had initially been contracted to support one of the two CHP plant units,” McKirdy added, “but this award now gives TEG 100% responsibility for the full plant. This builds upon our in-country infrastructure, controls, and emissions control retrofit expertise which is seeing an increase in demand globally due to legislative changes on NOx emissions.”

Recently TEG said it successfully completed a full load customer witness test on an SGT-200-1S in its purpose-built gas turbine test cell at its Lincoln, U.K., facility. The customer dialed-in from their offices in mainland Europe to observe the SGT-200 operating at full load to establish power output, running temperatures, air, and oil pressures, and shaft vibrations, ensuring the overhauled engine met TEG’s engine pass-off criteria. The SGT-200 was despatched from TEG’s workshop and is now in transit to the customer’s offshore platform in the North Sea.

TEG’s sister company, Gas Turbine Applications, said it has had high level of activity with its longterm and new customer base, including the recent award from a major U.S. midstream pipeline company, for three Saturn S-10 and three C16 centrifugal compressor service exchanges, which incorporated field service and additional spares.

Despite the unprecedented and challenging times, Turbine Efficiency Group said it has remained busy servicing its customers’ needs and working on numerous projects at its workshops in Lincoln and Calera, Oklahoma, U.S.A.

Article courtesty of Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide.